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art direction | concepting | producing | vector production

Core creation of Reddit’s most popular feature, Profile Avatars pushing DTC revenue up a significant percentage in Reddit Premium subscriptions just by the first month of release in Q4 2020, by empowering users to be creative within their own self-expression and engagement, making it easier to join in and become part communities.

Before, redditors had very few options to customize their Reddit profile picture, and so we’re that Profile Avatars, through the Avatar Builder will enable more self-expression and enhance user engagement and Reddit’s “Direct-User-Pay” efforts.

Art direction collaboration with Tavish MacLellan and vector production assistance with Onanma Okeke and Gina Lee. Cross functional partners with DTC team for collaboration on data driven strategy, annd engineering support. Collaborated with Marketing team for product and social marketing strategies and deliverables.

I focused on all aspects of production and asset creation: art direction, concepting, vector avatar creation, and vector file set up for freelance assistance and training, providing producing support between project timelines.

Press and reads: Reddit r/changelog Post | AdWeek 

Splash images for initial monthly accessory pack releases.

Avatar Builder View.

Vector production setup:

Concepts for vector:

In the communities:

In app use case:

Reddit Ability Cards for Reddit Recap

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