Reddit Community & Office Branding

A selection of events and artifacts at Reddit Inc.

San Francisco/
New York Pride Branding & Float (2018)

art direction | concept | production

Coordinated visual concept with Reddit’s LGBTQI+ employee resource group, work experience team, social media team, and vendors, along side Amber Dee for design collaboration.

Reddit Global Meetup Day Branding

concepts | vector production

Cross collaboration with graphic designer, Andrew Prinz, Tavish MacLellan for art direction, and Reddit’s community team for launch.

Celebrating one of our favorite Reddit traditions: Global Reddit Meetup Day.

Every year until 2020, Reddit communities all around the world held meetups where local redditors can meet “IRL”—and now that all of those users, mods, and casual lurkers who attended the previous years’ events have had a chance to share their photos in our r/GRMD megathread and in their city subreddits.

New York Office Wallpaper

Created custom wallpapers to freshen up the 222 Fulton Street office meeting rooms in downtown Manhattan with NYC themed Snoos and monuments. Collaborative effort with Tavish MacLellan.



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